Caduha-an Gets A Second Chance at Improving Road Safety

Written by Wednesday, 16 September 2015 00:00 Published in Blog

It is true that accidents do happen but they can also be avoided. While data on road accidents largely point to driver error as the cause of the accident, it cannot be denied that road condition also play a huge part. This is why when budget became available, the city council of Cadiz seized on a second chance to repair the Caduha-an road and have it concreted. For this major project, the City of Cadiz chose the trustworthy expertise of the Bacolod-based Dynamic Builders and Construction Company Phils, Inc (DBCCI).


Negros Occidental is Simply Going Up!

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The economy of Bacolod City is certainly moving at a fast-pace. Among the indications of this is the various infrastructures that are being constructed in different parts of the city. From north to south, you can actually see and feel the huge and nice change in the communities. What used to be a somewhat placid and laid-back atmosphere in some barangays of the city have become vibrant and truly worthy of one’s attention.


It cannot be denied that Negros First Cyber Center is one source of pride for the company that built it, who is no other than Dynamic Builders and Construction Co.


Bacolod Construction Industry is On the Go

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There’s no doubt about it. Bacolod City construction industry is definitely on the go. There may be many industries but the construction is one that is doing really well at present.


Milestones of Negros First Cyber Center

Written by Friday, 03 July 2015 00:00 Published in Blog

The Negros First Cyber Center is among the most celebrated structures in Bacolod City and also in Negros Occidental. While there are still things that need to be done to it, the project, during its construction phase enjoyed a lot of milestones.


Vast Career Opportunities Await at Dynamic Builders

Written by Tuesday, 15 August 2017 00:00 Published in Blog

One of the leading construction companies in Bacolod City and even in the Visayas area is Dynamic Builders and Construction Co. (Phil.) Inc. DBCCI actually makes it its mission to provide great opportunities for those people who would like to be a part of the growing DBCCI family. Indeed, Dynamic Builders never fail to create job opportunities for many people in order to help all these individuals and also their families. What’s more important for them is that they help people find a good and decent living.


One of the most popular and widely trusted names in the construction industry is Dynamic Builders and Construction Co. (Phil.) Inc. (DBCCI). They are considered as experts when it comes to building vertical and horizontal structures.


A Better Garbage Collection in Bacolod City for 2015

Written by Tuesday, 10 February 2015 17:56 Published in Blog

Dynamic Builders and Construction Co. (Phil.) Inc. (DBCCI) is quite proud of the latest project that was added to its portfolio – and that is – the garbage collection for Bacolod City. After having submitted the right bid for the project to the City of Bacolod, DBCCI has been lucky enough to have won the bid.  This will be another milestone for the company, which is currently growing and expanding.


Things are Getting Better for Dynamic Builders

Written by Saturday, 31 January 2015 15:54 Published in Blog

It’s now Year of the Goat and they say that it is the year of abundance. Well, Dynamic Builders certainly believe it considering that things are turning out for the best at every corner.